Thursday, December 14, 2006


Hello Mr. Thompson

The first banner with Captain Fury of the X-Men was the repainted version, another one of the banners your news people in wales did not want to show on its news broadcast of what's happened at the Assembly today. The other is my latest painting and we shall discuss that later.

Now its time to attach the latest email sent to Judith Woodman of Cardiff County Council and other notables, some of whom are your staff members.

12/12/06 to Judith Woodman
Given the email below, I do find it unusual that the maintenance people came calling at my door yesterday to once again look at the fire. Not to supprising given the manner in which I have been treated so far eh Judith?

That email was also sent to the and they have still to respond, the request was why don't you hit the reply button, that way I ought to be assured of its receipt. But they are still playing games, it would seem Judith, everybody.

Shortly this email will be part of the Director General of the bbc part 10. I also trust that soon this nation will see that not all are valued as equal as others to have their voices heard, as the Assembly would like to con everyone if the western Mail article on petitioning is to be believed. I think I've petitioned more oh so much more than enough and have had wilful neglect upon wilful neglect heaped upon me.

NOw if your hanrcopmplaints still wish to play their games Judith and are refusing to deal with the issue, can you let me know what questions these fatherless children need answering that is not contained allready in the blogs??? While all semblance of any time scales for replies to complaints have all be broken, and while the LGO will turn a blind eye to that as they have to other things regarding myself, to their discredit, but it would by now be obvious to any Judge 'that indeed Mr. Gabriel you have been dispitefully used'.

sometime soon!!!! David Gabriel

and as the song goes 'dealing in multiplication and they still carn't house everyone, Good God' a rewording of Eddie Grants Electric Avenue

To Judith Woodman
Cardiff County council

thank you for your letter dated the 4/12/06. It seems that my Number 9 to the Director General ought to answer some of the missing pieces, but then noone has really cared so far about any of this. You say that they have proof that the 2 emails to me were sent, unless someone has busted into this account I find that rather remarkable.

It might not have hurt you to list what outstanding questions that this dept. of the council needed in order to process a corporate complaint number Judith, and to labour the point it might have been easy for you to have included it in yet another conversation you have had with them. Or am I now in the hands of institutionalised Victimization. After all I am only to aware of the games Cardiff County Council have enjoyed playing at my expense.

Your letter did not explain why Mr. Llewellyn refused to have his subordinate retape the fire in place, but then all in Good Time eh Crazydave. It would seem so. Not that Jonathn Morgan my AM is likely to let me know if he has asked that question as one who supposidly cares for the vulnerable, or that Julie Morgan my MP will let me know if she has asked that question, but they are other issues for another day.

I would have thought the 'blogs' and your forwarding copies of the emails you have received from me would be sufficient, negligence and wilful neglect pressed down and running over Judith. Now to reiterate what I was told oh so long ago by your environmental sound people 'if I were a private landlord tenant then their dept. could issue a legal document forcing the landlord to bring it up to standard, but as I was a council tenant they could not issue such a document to the council'

That also is something that Edwina Hart ought to be looking at as Justice Minister if you ask me, something that a concerned for her constituents health n welfare that Julie Morgan ought to be raising in the House of Commons if you ask me.

There ought also be proceedures when local councillors who refuse to respond to emails from ward members are brought to book over their refusal to do so, or are all these people going to claim well Mr. Gabriel we did email you, I would have thought it plainly obvious by now that none of them are doing so, and that is hardly right now is it. Hardly what they are paid quite handsomely to do, and it seems that they are up for being paid more, nice to be in that position don't you think yet none of them would come with me to the DLA appointment and plead that a little more for their constituent is hardly going to break the bank.

Yesterday on the bbc five live I heard the word scroungers used when referring to people such as myself long term benefit claimants, I wonder who is the biggest scrounger out of the current system, someone like myself on such a low fixed income or the private landlord receiving £432,000.00 per annum out of the social security system in Cardiff, all because the Council and Central Government had either lack of foresight in using this obscene ammount of money to provide their own housing for the citizenry of the city, or is it that they have wanted to divest themselves of the responsibility of housing.

So that the many are conduits of wealth to the few. Or that this policy is seen for what it is gross financial missmanagement, to the detriment of the tenants.

So if you could let me know what part of this Victimization complaint they do not understand why did you not let me know in this last letter of yours, so we can stop this dance of lets play games with Mr. Gabriel, its not as if the Local government ombudsmans gonna smack their wrists or anything now is it. Or are you enjoying taking the Michael outta me as well Judith???????

Meanwhile I am still living with my peaceful enjoyment being dessacrated by the person above, no doubt to every one who receives this pleasure. Such sick sick people eh Crazydave. Yep!


I wonder Mr. Thompson, Everybody, why it is that the BBC refused to show the above banner on their news programme, or ask why the heck is someone making such claims.

Well I guess if you read all the blogs you will understand. Lets get back to ole Doc Gibbon and the £75 Million he has to spend on building projects for Menatl Health Sufferers shall we. You will note in the debate that there are fears for service cuts in Cardiff, wonder why the Doc won't free up some of that £75 million to pay for services to be maintained? You might also wonder who are going to benefit from buildings being done up, the day to day life of the Health Professional???working in lovely surroundings. Pity good ole Doc Gibbon couldn't fine £150,00 for housing a mental health sufferer in a property where they are not likely to have their peaceful enjoyment ruined, or where institutionalised victimization will nolonger be tolerated, but then its obvious to me that good ole Doc Gibbon doesn't really give a fig for that.

You might also ponder the £432,000.00 that the highest paid private landlord gets to pay off his mortgages annually off the social security system as questionable especially as the government will see no capital asset out of that spend. Wouldn't it be wiser to have the capital assets for the good of all.

Then there is the thorny issue of legal representation being denied the impoverished, so that their last resort is to do this blogging in the hope that someone with some integrity somewhere might read them and offer such legal assistance on the pro bono basis. I have yet to find such.

So what does happen to county councillors who refuse to engauge in their ward members problems???does the ward member have any recourse it does not seem like, but then they may make pretend that they have contacted me like these corporate complaint people.

I did notice that BBC radio Wales did a thing on the lack of shelter for the homeless in North Wales this week. What they failed to ask is what are the cost to those vulnerable adults when they are housed. Then there was the campaign to stop giving to beggars in cardiff city centre, because the professional elite want the money going into their coffers. I wonder if any of these people have ever done any begging, not just for a day but for a month. When I was busking, with my paintings in order that I might have a little more paint to play with I would have hardly called the people generous, and let me ask those people when they see a beggar don't they thank their lucky stars that they have not got to do that in order to live their lives, and aren't they missing the opportunity to see themselves as generous, and who the hell are they to judge the rightness or wrongness of the use of that money once they have given it.

Oh no just the professional elite saying give it to us, give it to us, I often wonder how much of the money raised in charity shops actually go toward helping the people they claim that is their reason for being and how much goes towards the elites feathering their own nests????????

As for trident, and the £20 - £25 Billion thats being bandied about, let me ask you this CAN YOU SERIOUSLY BELIEVE THAT A P.M. OF THE U.K. IS EVER GOING TO COUNTENANCE FIRING ONE OF THOSE THINGS ????? WELL CAN YOU.

I really don't think so, then why waste the money on it when there are other better social needs crying out for that monies ussage, from housing to mobility for the elderly or infirm, from micro wind or solar energy for every home.

If they feel the need to have a submarine force then why not just have conventional weapons systems installed. After the polonium 210 scare its been a question in my mind for a long time that there are areas in this country where the sheep cannot be eaten following the fallout from chernobl, apparently because they eat contaminated grass, but there seems to be total silence on well what about the effects of that fallout on the human population? Have you ever heard any results of that kind of investigation Mr. Thompson, or is that just one more little secret that governments don't want the population worrying their so easily lead minds over.

Then of course there is the hypocrisy of the west telling Iran hey no nuclear bombs for you or else, and in the next breadth they are saying but we gonna upgrade ours, cos we are the supposed good guys????

Why don't you check out the Western Mails papers for this week Mr. Thompson perhaps you will find the bulldoody about petitioning as hypocritical from that source as I do, but then your paid to play that game yourself or so it would appear, given what has been written in these blogs.

I have sent a letter to the head of the Crown Prosecution Service in Cardiff a Mr. Christopher Woolley highlighting the blogs to see if he is a man willing to end the wilful neglect by Uncle Tom Cobbly n All and should I not hear from them shortly will be hand delivering said letter just incase its the ole 'We didn't receive it' rollocks that others have tried to use in the past, like the local housing office of cardiff county council.

Finally for today, the Eddy Grant song Electric Avenue I also change the lyric to 'WE GOTTA ROCK DOWN TO THE WELSH ASSEMBLY AND THEN WE TAKE IT HIGHER' as the corrus well I have done that, apparently to no good for myself what so ever, but all in good time eh Crazydave, yep all in good time.


I Hope to hear from you sometime Mr. Thompson, its a pity my busking pics havent appeared here, but then maybe oneday they may house them in the Cardiff Museum, who can say.

Love n Light People get on the BBC's case if you happen to read this.

All the Best Crazydave


Hi Everybody

I heard on Real Radios phone in last night Roger discussing the TV Licence fee, and the lady who did four days in prison for non payment of the fine even though her retal agreement said that was the landlords responsibility. I wonder if the Crown Prosecution service are going to find her details and compensate her for the miscarriage of JUSTICE?????

I also heard on the news today that Rhonddha Cynnon Taff are worried about tenants taking up the right to buy now that the council are transferring their properties to a trust. I wonder if their rent revenue account has been kept the same as Cardiff County Councils Mr. Thompson, and I wonder if this trust will have 95% of its rents now paid by central government and the council only have to top up the 5%. I also wonder were a public inquiry to take place into the issues I have campained for these last 7 years the DWP would be sueing councils for artificial rent claims via the housing benefit system.


Its not my fault those dudes speak telepathically now is it Mr. Thompson!

Love n Light people Crazydave.